Our vital components



strengthens the immune system naturally

A properly functioning immune system plays a key role in your dog's strength, lust for life and vitality, just as it does for humans. Those who take a holistic approach to nutrition will give priority to natural methods of strengthening the immune system.

Balanced formulations which prevent deficiencies are one side of the coin. Carefully dosed training of the immune defence system is the other. BELCANDO® dog food with ProVital provides natural constituents of yeast which stimulate your dog's immune system like the various funguses that a wild dog ingests in his natural environment. The result is a properly stimulated immune system.

Particularly suitable for puppies and young dogs whose immune systems are undergoing development, as well as for older animals with restricted metabolic activity and dogs with little outdoor activity.



For your dog's mobility at every age

Life consists of movement and change. Functional, flexible joints are an important prerequisite to ensuring that your four-legged friend grows up healthy and stays mobile into old age. To do this, the body needs healthy cartilage. Bioactive collagen peptides, obtained from gelatine, demonstrably increase the supply of amino acids and promote the healthy development of bones and joints. This can prevent degenerative joint diseases.

Important for dogs with allergies. The gelatine protein is deconstructed using a special process so that it does not trigger any allergic reactions. Giving ProAgil to growing dogs and older dogs who are at risk of arthritis is particularly useful. About 90% of all dogs over five years suffer from joint problems!